Do you really need a trial?

Every bride is nervous about her Big Day.

It's natural.

You want to look your best and be the most stunning anyone has ever seen. Therefore, you want to be sure that your makeup is flawless and your hair isn't flying around and that everything is perfect. Completely understandable. After all, you're only going to do this once!


We at Picture Perfect Makeovers offer free* consultations for the bride and if necessary, the bridal party. We will discuss your needs and show you pictures to assess what kind of style you're looking for, whether it be - Modern, Traditional, Western or Natural. We will also make suggestions on how to optimize your natural beauty.


We recommend that before you come for a consultation or even a trial, you look through magazines and even the internet and find pictures of famous people whose style you admire and even if you can find hairstyles that you like. This gives us an idea of what you want and gives us a foundation to start from! Saves us from trying to work out what you want from a description and avoids a lot of confusion.


If possible, we also recommend that you bring your bridal outfit and jewellery, or at least a part of it, so that we can assess the colors and ensure we can match it.


In particular, for brides wearing red, we recommend that you take a color swatch to a department store and match a quality red lipstick. This is particularly because shades of red are very difficult to match and even a slight discrepancy can make an enormous difference in pictures, especially with the color red. This is just a precaution because we don't want you to be disappointed in any way! Of course, you don't HAVE to wear red. Gone are the days when the bride had to wear red lipstick. Now we can find a lipstick color that will enhance your lips and allow the focus to remain on your eyes.


We do not recommend a trial for all our brides. Especially if you know what you want! There are several reasons for this:

1. You won't look the same in a trial as you would on your wedding. On your wedding day you get a certain glow which enhances your beauty which you won't get in a trial.
2. You want to look stunning on your Big Day and if you and your close family/friends have already seen exactly how you're going to look, then it isn't the same "wow" factor.
3. If you know what you want and have pictures, there's no need for a trial. A consultation is more than ample. Why waste time and money? You have more important things to do in the run up to the wedding.


We understand that you can be unsure but we are professionals and we know what we are doing. However, if you're mind is not at ease we will always fit you in for a trial. We want you to be comfortable.


*Please note, if you do not maintain a bridal booking with us then consultations are charged at $30 an hour. Minimum 1 hour charge.